Pet Simulator X Codes | Roblox (December 2021)

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Our Roblox Pet Simulator X Codes has the most up-to-date list of OP codes that you can redeem for new Diamonds, Coin Boosts, and additional freebies. These items will set you apart from the rest of the pack, as you play in style!

All Pet Simulator X Codes List

We'll keep you updated with additional codes once they are released. You should make sure to redeem these as soon as possible because you'll never know when they could expire! All of these codes have been tested on the date that this post was released. If you find one that is expired, please let us know the exact code in the comments below so we can remove it!

Make sure to enter the code exactly as it is listed or it might not work correctly!

Update Dec. 2

  • Code expired

  • Code added

Pet Simulator X Codes (Working)

Here's a look at all of the working Pet Simulator X codes.

  • im2lucky - Redeem for x3 Ultra Lucky Boosts

Pet Simulator X Codes (Expired)

These Pet Simulator X codes no longer work.

  • 1mplus300k - Redeem for luck boost

  • happysaturday11 - Redeem for Boosts

  • yaydiamonds2 - Redeem for 50K Diamonds

  • alienpets - Redeem for Boost

  • yaydiamonds - Redeem for 50K Diamonds

  • its1million - Redeem for 100K Diamonds

  • bandsundrbidn - Redeem for 30k Diamonds

  • sorry4thewait - Redeem for Boost

  • pumpkin333 - Redeem for Diamonds

  • VoiceChat - Redeem for x2 Triple Coins Boost

  • triple800 - Redeem for Coin Boost

  • halfamillion - Redeem for Boost

  • easyboosts - Redeem for Triple Coin Boost

  • steampunkpets - Redeem for Triple Coin Boost

  • 700kDiamonds - Redeem for 25K Diamonds

  • morecoins4u - Redeem for Triple Coin Boost

  • anothertriple - Redeem for Coin Boost

  • TripleCoins999 - Redeem code for a Triple Coins Boost

  • halfamillion - Redeem for 10,000 diamonds

  • Clouds - Redeem for a reward

  • Underworld - Redeem for free diamonds

  • plaid1234 - Redeem for triple boost

  • big1234 - Redeem for triple coin boost

  • morecodes3 - Redeem for ultra lucky boost

  • blamedavid - Redeem for triple coin boost

  • Back2Back - Redeem for free diamonds

  • FreeDiamonds0 - Redeem for free diamonds

  • SuperUltra1 - Redeem for ultra lucky boost

  • FirstUpdate - Redeem for a boost

  • Triple275k - Redeem for triple coin boost

  • Ultra225k - Redeem for ultra lucky boost

  • MoreCoins180k - Redeem for triple coin boost

  • EzDiamonds150k - Redeem for triple coin boost

  • Easy125k - Redeem for triple coin boost

  • Triple80k - Redeem for triple coin boost

  • Lucky50k - Redeem for super lucky boost

  • Super25k - Redeem for 5K diamonds

  • Release

How to Redeem Pet Simulator X Codes


It's easy to redeem codes for free rewards in Pet Simulator X. Just launch the game and press the Pet button on the bottom of the screen. Then, click the Star icon at the bottom, where you can scroll down until you see Redeem Codes. A new window will appear where you can enter each working code into the text box. Press confirm to receive your free reward. Players must be at least Basic rank to redeem codes.

Game Description & Recent Update


🎮 HOW TO PLAY: 🐱 Buy Pets to collect coins, chests and more! 😇 Upgrade your Rank for more multiplier! ⛰️ Find new Islands and Unlock even more! 🏆️ UPDATE 3: 🏆️ Buy Infinity pets with elements 🏆️ Buy Infinity storage with elements ⚠️ Credit to Interbyte Studios for some pet models. ⚠️ Credit to @DavidArtzRBLX for UI


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